From Blog to Book, Part 4: How I Wrote My First Draft

The Temple of Segesta wasn’t built in a day, either.

“The Work shall be about the Author’s decision to get in a taxi every week, ask the driver to take her to his or her favorite restaurant and chronicle her adventures from Buenos Aires to New York to Berlin.

You have to write badly before you can write well, writes Anne Lamott in ‘Bird by Bird’.
A fall scene in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Scene 1: Cab ride from Ezeiza airport — dialog w/taxista about what I’m doing in Buenos Aires, which leads to…

Scene 2: Flashback to The Night of the Inviolable Oysters, one of my disastrous shifts as a line cook at a doomed French-Asian restaurant in San Francisco

Scene 3: Back in the cab. The taxista tells me to forget Borges and food writing. He plays me a tango by Julio Sosa and tells me I have to learn the dance…

A photo I took at El Litoral when I went back to Buenos Aires in August, 2012.
Off the coast of Sicily, not far from where I finished the first draft of ‘Driving Hungry’.



Author. Writing coach. Born in California, living in Berlin and Bulgaria.

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